Recovery Success Story: Brett M.

Real Recovery Success Story

Brett M.

This week New Life House Alumni Brett M spent some time sharing with us how beautiful his life has become since getting sober!

New Life House: What is your sobriety date?

Brett: July 27th, 2014.

NLH: Coming into New Life, was this the first program you went through?

Brett: It was my second time around, I was in an outpatient and that was the only other program I’ve been to.  People were getting high, and I ended up getting high with someone in there and it didn’t work out. I was in there for three and a half months. They said that I probably needed more intensive care, and I agreed with them. After that, it was straight to New Life.

NLH: Coming into Miracle House what was your biggest struggle?

Brett: The biggest struggle was really just trying to cope and meet people and get out of my shell a little bit. And of course the structure but I got adjusted fairly quickly.

NLH: As far as getting out of your shell – what does that look like today?

Brett: It comes down to a few things, sharing at meetings, working with other people that are new and taking them through the steps and pushing myself to go out with friends.

NLH: Are you still close friends with guys that you went through the house with?

Brett: The people who I graduated with are still some of my closest friends. They’re people that I can confide in and relate to, as well as take life advice from.

NLH: What are you currently doing for work? How did it come about?

Brett: I am currently working for Beverly Hills Ducati and I just walked by the place. If it wasn’t for physically walking the streets and having that persistence I wouldn’t have come across it. The second I saw the store, the light clicked and thought I could easily work there and enjoy it. And in the year that I’ve been there, it has been great.

NLH: What are you currently pursuing?

Brett: I am doing a complete departure from what I have been doing for a while. I am leaving Beverly Hills Ducati to go work in Recovery and I’m excited about it.  A little nervous – at first there are going to be growing pains but I feel it’s going to be a great experience and I’m excited. With that transition too, I really want to finish up college – I have two classes left to graduate with my bachelor’s in psychology. From there it’s just trial and error to find out what works for me, I am open to whatever opportunities I have coming my way.

NLH: Have you always been interested in psychology?

Brett: No, when I first started out I was in business, and then I took an accounting class and it was too tough. I was switched to psychology because I was more interested in the inner workings of the mind and what motivates people.

NLH: Going back to school, What is going to be different this time around?

Brett: The experience is going to be a whole lot different! I will better be able to apply myself. I will have a better work ethic, new perspective on education and I feel much more focused now that I have a clear head as well.

NLH: How do you plan to use what you will be studying in school for your career?

Brett: Something to do with compartmental psychology. I want to be able to change the modern-day work environment, and create more productive relationships in the workplace.

NLH: In what ways did New Life House set you up for success?

Brett: Persistence, it’s what landed me where I am right now. If it wasn’t for me continually trying, getting shot down and picking myself back up I don’t know where I would be. In the past, I was really prone to giving up on things if I didn’t get it right away and this house has trained my feet and my way of thinking to where if I was persistent and really put in one hundred percent effort I would get a return. Maybe It wouldn’t be exactly what I had expected like the hotel wasn’t what I expected, but it was something that I came to enjoy and it was a lot of fun in the process. Persistence and just having integrity and showing that you’re a hard worker – as simple as it sounds. It is something I didn’t have before I got here.

NLH: Now that you have been out of the house for six months, looking back on your experience what was most beneficial?

Brett: The whole New Life program was a return to normalcy for me. My life was out of order before I got in here and it was back to the roots and basics of taking care of myself, relationships and keeping my life in check. As well as keeping my thoughts in check, being able to run my thinking through other people is the biggest thing that the New Life process gave me. Because right now it is not difficult for me to hit a meeting, and to reach out to others. If I hadn’t gone through this process I can only assume it wouldn’t be as easy as it is now.

NLH: Do you have any advice for guys in recovery?

Brett: Never think you know it all, there is always stuff to learn and there’s always people to learn from. It is the willingness to learn and listen to others that has kept me here.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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