Recovery Is Not Only Possible But It Is A Reality

A year and a half ago our home was a very chaotic and sad place to live.  Our son Peter was deep into his addiction and caused a turmoil none of us could repair.  His sisters wanted nothing to do with him, and my husband and I were not in agreement as to how to handle the situation.  We both knew Peter needed help, but after 7 years of this, Tony was ready to give up.  I knew that if we turned Peter away he would end up dead or in jail and I couldn’t live with that.  I also knew he couldn’t stay at home.

We had tried traditional rehab a couple of times, in-patient, and out-patient therapy, and each time Peter reverted back to his addictive behaviors.  In August of 2016, at the urging of a family member who helped guide us, we sent Peter to Evoke Wilderness Therapy in Oregon.  It certainly was a different type of therapy, one we had never heard of before, and it helped Peter start his road to recovery.  He stayed at Evoke for 10 weeks and we saw a promising change.  We were grateful but knew he couldn’t come home.  Peter still had a long way to go and needed to go to aftercare.

A few aftercare programs were recommended to us, and one of them was New Life House in Los Angeles.  We are from Cleveland, Ohio, so the thought of sending our son to LA seemed crazy!  How could LA be the place for Peter to continue his recovery?  I researched New Life House and read everything I could about it.  I spoke to Scott and the other managers and realized there wasn’t anyplace quite like New Life House anywhere else in the country.  At least I couldn’t find it.  So, along with Peter’s approval, our decision was made to send Peter to New Life House.

Peter came to New Life House in October 2016.  The House process was slow and methodical and definitely not easy, but it was filled with constant support. Peter went through good times and difficult times, and he grew and became stronger, motivated, and more confident. He looked better and felt better than he had in years, the spark in his eyes was back, and the Peter we always knew and loved emerged once again.

I remember the first time we visited Peter at New Life House in December 2016.  We were amazed at how clean and tidy the house looked, but more importantly, we were impressed at the politeness and respectfulness of all the young men we met.  We were thrilled at how grateful and happy Peter was, and it felt so good that Peter actually wanted to spend as much time with us as possible.  We could once again enjoy being with each other.  Peter has also rekindled his relationship with his sisters, which makes for a happy family again!  We have since visited him several times, not nearly as many times as we’d like, but living across the country makes it harder, however, we cherish all the moments we have together.

When we visited Peter this December and attended the Christmas Dinner on December 16, we were elated that we were able to be there for Peter’s graduation.  We are so proud of all his hard work and proud of the person he has become.  We are most proud of his sobriety.  We know he is in the best place he can be and is surrounded by all his friends and support system.  We are truly grateful.

We don’t know how to express our gratitude for the hard work that the phenomenal director and managers have done to help Peter achieve this goal.  We know that they are now his lifelong friends.  As a parent of a child who at one time had been lost, there is nothing sweeter than knowing he is in a place where recovery is not only possible but is a reality! Thank you, New Life House!

  • Vida H.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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