Miracles do Happen

As a child, our son was a sweet, smart, and very liked little boy.  His teachers always said great things about him; however, two of his teachers in elementary school mentioned that Anthony did not show enthusiasm like most of his classmates. As he got older, he started showing a lack of motivation in school and his grades started dropping.  We tried everything we could to motivate him, encourage him and help him academically, but his grades only got worse.

  When Anthony was in High School, he started smoking marijuana and it progressed to alcohol and other illegal drugs that we were not aware of.  He started college, but he would lie about attending his classes.  Instead, he would leave with his “friends” to go do what he liked best. I convinced him to see a counselor where he was finally diagnosed with severe depression.  He was prescribed medication but since he was always smoking or drinking, the medication was not helping him.  He would say that he did not feel like living and he dreaded waking up every morning.  It was heart-wrenching to hear him say that, but we were also overwhelmed with frustration.  Anthony started doing things that we never imagined, he started drinking so heavily that he ended up in the emergency room four times, he would pick fights, punch cars, became very aggressive, and a master manipulator.  I cried and begged him so many times to get help, but he would refuse because he would say he was a lost cause. He would cry uncontrollably and would tell me to stop loving him because it hurt him so much to know he was causing his family so much pain.  As a family we prayed for a miracle to happen, we felt that we were going to lose him due to his addiction.

On January 22nd after another horrific night of fear, frustration, and anger caused by Anthony’s drinking and drug abuse, I gave Anthony an ultimatum to go to rehab or he would not be allowed to live at home anymore.  I called Howard to see if he could get him in New Life House and on January 23rd, 2020, Anthony moved to New Life House where he began his recovery.   Although Anthony was very hesitant to stay, he stuck it out and little by little he started realizing that it was for his best.  

New Life House gave us all the miracles we prayed to God for.  They teach the young men how to be accountable for their actions, teach them life skills and motivate them for future success.  The managers are always available to listen and advise on what is best.  It is evident that the structure provided by New Life House was planned accordingly and is highly effective.  This is a true community that provides support for the entire family. 

Anthony is now an in-house graduate with 17 months of sobriety.  He is actively participating in the New Life House community.  He radiates positivity and is the happiest he has ever been.  Anthony now feels that he has a purpose in life. I am literally crying tears of joy!

Last Updated on February 22, 2024


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