Is The Holiday Season A Good Time To Stage An Addiction Intervention?

Addiction is a disease that affects not only the individual but also the whole family. It is extremely painful for families to watch loved ones struggle with addiction. A successful intervention can provide the opportunity for change.

What Is An Addiction Intervention?

An intervention allows friends and family to express their love and concern for the individual struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. It provides a safe opportunity to confront the problem while offering a solution. While some interventions are successful, others are not. Families must hope for the best, yet prepare for the worst. An intervention is only successful if established ultimatums are upheld and immediate actions are taken. Is the holiday season a good time to stage an addiction intervention?

Addiction is Often Highlighted During the Holiday Season

Families often become more aware of a loved one’s substance abuse issues during the holidays. People who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction often spend more time with their family during the holiday season. Families often witness the addiction during the holiday season and become more aware of the addict’s personal struggles. Social gatherings during the holiday season often include drugs or alcohol. Someone who is struggling with addiction may lose control and friends and family often witness the addiction first hand. Many people struggling with addiction enter treatment during this time of year, either based on their own will or with the support and encouragement of loved ones. Families often feel helpless when they witness a loved one’s addiction and the holiday season is a popular time for interventions to be staged. This is often due to experiencing the addiction firsthand and due to the fact that families are often spending the holidays together, this provides an opportunity for additional support during the intervention process. Is the holiday season a good time to stage an intervention? While having the family together may seem like the perfect opportunity to address such a difficult situation, it ultimately depends upon both the addict and the family. More important than the time you stage the intervention is how it is planned and executed. The holiday season is a time where emotions are at their highest. It is suggested to seek professional help to determine how and when to stage an addiction intervention.

Plan the Intervention

If a family decides to stage an intervention during the holiday season it is important that ultimatums are established and treatment options are available prior to staging the intervention. Each person involved in the intervention must be prepared to state an ultimatum. This tells the addict that if they choose to deny their addiction or deny treatment options there will be consequences. If the addict believes they will lose the support of those closest to them, it may influence them to take action. Having a treatment plan is the best way to ensure a successful intervention. Seek out information about detox programs, residential rehabilitation facilities and outpatient facilities prior to staging the intervention. If the addict is receptive to the intervention it is crucial that there be a treatment center available to them immediately.

Seek Additional Help

It is often suggested to seek help from a professional interventionist. While many choose to stage an intervention on there own, a professional can help educate the family about addiction and provide support during the process. This can be especially helpful during the holiday season due to mixed and high emotions family members may be experiencing. Interventionists are available to walk you through the intervention process and are able to be present if needed.

Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst

Some interventions are successful while others are not. It is important to understand that addiction is a serious disease and denial is a symptom of that disease. No matter how prepared you may be, there is no guarantee on the outcome of a drug and alcohol addiction intervention. It is ultimately up to the addict to determine if they are willing to seek help. An intervention provides an opportunity for that. It is recommended that families and loved ones hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Be Prepared to Take Immediate Action

An intervention is only successful if immediate action is taken. Once everyone in the group has shared their love and concern for the addict, a choice has to be made. The addict will either deny help or agree to seek help. If the individual denies seeking help, it is imperative that the group remains strong and adheres to the established ultimatums. This provides the best opportunity for the addict to seek help at a later date. It is crucial that a treatment plan has been established if the individual agrees to seek help. If the individual requires a medical detox, this must be addressed first. Residential treatment facilities and outpatient drug and alcohol centers can provide a treatment plan to help the individual reach emotional and physical recovery.

Last Updated on February 22, 2024


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