Marijuana Addiction – or – Wrestling With Weed

Marijuana addiction never gets the attention it deserves. Because it is perceived as being the less harmful substance, the negative energy it generates, the damage to the brain it produces and the block to spiritual growth it renders are always overlooked.

No story will ever have a positive twist when marijuana addiction, a teacher and a high school student are combined.  It seems cannabis is the white noise in the background of mood-altering substance abuse… ever-present, annoying and a real troublemaker.

Last week, a student walked into his classroom at Samohi in Santa Monica, California holding a bag of weed and proceeded to be disruptive.  He exited and re-entered the class several times, playing with his pot.  When he was asked to “cut it out,” he declined and the teacher (also a wrestling coach) promised – not threatened – to call for security.  At that point the student shoved the teacher who quickly donned his wrestling attitude and pinned the student down.  Sometime during the ordeal the teacher was jabbed by something sharp and attacked by another student.  Shortly thereafter he was placed on administrative leave.  Most of the altercation was caught on a students cell camera.

Citizens, parents and the school are focusing on a few different issues: whether the Samohi teacher and coach used excessive force?  (Don’t think so.) Whether the student, was at fault and provoking the teacher?  (Seems like it.) Whether there was a rush to judgment resulting in the teacher being wrongfully suspended (Duh!)  At what point is a teacher allowed to intervene on a physical level? (Depends, I suppose,) and general comments on classroom safety (always needs to be a top priority!).   But no one is addressing the real troublemaker in the room… cannabis sativa.  The answer is found beneath the surface, on the flip side of the coin and in between the lines.

Not only is it unfair for all concerned that an 18 year old young man can walk onto a public school campus holding marijuana, be preoccupied with his marijuana to the point of being disruptive in the classroom (where he has come to learn) and behaves in a noncompliant way when he is asked to respect the other students, the school guidelines and the law, but it also generates an abyss of negative energy.

Marijuana plantThe truth about marijuana addiction is that the THC component causes the brain to have distorted sensitivities equal to the effects of temporary brain damage – over and over and over.  Heavy marijuana use creates on going problems with learning and memory, impaired coordination, difficulty in thinking and problem solving.

These are the physical effects of smoking boatloads of pot however there is a spiritual component as well, which goes largely unnoticed.  Smoking pot on a daily basis is akin to pulling a curtain down around you, separating you from a true connection with others, the spirit of the universe and life in general.  True, this is similar to any substance that alters your mood, but it is especially insidious in this natural chemical.  Most people know going into it that heroin will remove them from true connection, crack and meth too.  It nags at them throughout their using careers; ask them, they know it.  They might not be able to stop without help, but they know it.  However, there is a level of denial with marijuana addiction that has most pot smokers looking like ostriches with heads in the sand in a state of total denial.

Most people truly saturated in the organic universe will tell you that a spiritually fit person will generate positive vibrations and energy that flows outwards.  In this way it is a healing energy and a benefit to others in its path.  Smoking pot pokes holes in your energy field and creates a vortex of negative energy, sucking the life out of people and situations.  It is the nagging problem at the bottom of negative situations like the one that happened at Samohi two weeks ago.

Marijuana addiction can take what starts off as a normal day at school and turn it upside down, causing all involved to concentrate on the by products of the situation it created instead of the causal issues.  Marijuana may be dumb….but it’s really smart that way!

  • Elly Rowland
    Posted at 16:47h, 15 April Reply

    This is so true. My son thought that because his drug of choice was marijuana, that he was not deserving of being in rehab. I experienced most of the anger outbursts he exhibited and was aware of the behavior because I had seen it in my brother. People think that pot is safe and a natural substance. Think again. It is truly an overlooked addiction.

    • Martha
      Posted at 09:34h, 26 April Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a reply, Elly. I’m wondering how legalization will affect this addiction.

  • Shirley Sacks
    Posted at 15:28h, 26 April Reply

    I don’t know what PR company weed used, but it was a good one. Kids think it’s fine. Not addictive and can’t do any hard. How wrong they are! Kids maintain it’s NOT a gateway drug and maybe it isn’t as it’s bad enough on its own. The young brain is affected, the moodiness and lack of motivation is obvious. It certainly should not be used at school and is. I am astounded at how much is used at Senior Schools and Colleges. It’s as if the adults have just give up. This article spells it out. Kids take note!

  • Caleb
    Posted at 09:02h, 22 May Reply

    Marijuana is never seen as an addictive drug that can be abused. But it many cases I have seen individuals who heavily rely on its effects on their body, sometimes to even function throughout the day. Marijuana can be very dangerous and can be an addictive drug.

    • Martha
      Posted at 14:34h, 22 May Reply

      Thanks, Caleb. What you said was so true. Thanks so much for the feedback.

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