Wilderness Therapy Aftercare: How to Cement a Foundation in Recovery

Wilderness Therapy is an effective introduction into recovery from addiction. It allows an individual to be separated from their old environments while learning to live drug free with increased self-esteem and self-insight. In the isolated and supportive setting that wilderness therapy centers provide, individuals are given the time to focus on themselves and their recovery.

Is Wilderness Therapy Aftercare Necessary? Why is it important?


Most wilderness therapy programs place a strong focus on addressing behavioral issues and individuals struggling with issues such as depression, anger, self-esteem and drug abuse. In turn, Individuals who have completed wilderness therapy feel invigorated, confident, stronger, and healthier than they have in a long time.

Wilderness therapy aftercare centers provide a safe-place for individuals to further develop on the basic tools they acquired in wilderness treatment. There, individuals get to practice those tools and gradually reintegrate back into normal society. There is a strong, positive correlation between the length of support one receives with recovery and the potential for long-term success. Wilderness treatment aftercare provides exactly that: a long-term safe-haven for newly recovering addicts to build upon the tools they began to acquire while in their wilderness programs.


New Life House- Wilderness Therapy Aftercare


New Life House aids the continued growth and progress from individuals transitioning from wilderness programs. We have been working as an aftercare for young men leaving wilderness programs for years. Our structure compliments those just exiting wilderness and promotes healthy living through taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. House members are gradually reintroduced back into social and occupational settings as they continue to progress in their personal recovery. Just as wilderness programs, we focus more on the personal growth and development than on just the abstinence from drugs and alcohol and operate under the belief that sobriety is not just about staying physically clean, but being a healthy, productive, responsible, and morally driven individual.


Why New Life House is Successful as an Aftercare Center?


New Life House’s philosophy encourages support not just for the individual, but the entire house as a whole. The community element at New Life House helps individuals relate to one another and develop long lasting relationships within a peer group they can identify with. The strong unity of support helps individuals to not feel like they are tackling recovery by themselves. House members do not feel different, excluded, or misunderstood. They learn what it means to be supported and to be supportive. They learn how to trust other people and build healthy relationships with other members. The peer-based community support is a huge part of the continued success at New Life House as house members regain their self-esteem and live purposeful meaningful lives.


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New Life House is a long-term wilderness therapy aftercare center that provides a productive setting for men achieving sobriety. It is a family-oriented aftercare that provides a peer-based community that guides our house members on how to live meaningful lives in their recovery. The men are taught the necessary coping skills and mechanisms to achieve success in sobriety through taking a look at the reasons that they began to rely on drugs and alcohol. Please reach out to us at (888) 357-7577 and we will use our extensive experience and knowledge to help you in any way that we can.


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