Why Should your Child go to a Halfway House?

For adolescents or young adults new to recovery or recently leaving a drug or behavioral rehabilitation program, a halfway house is oftentimes recommended. But you may ask yourself, why should your child go to a halfway house if they have already been through a program?

Why is a halfway house beneficial to your loved one?

More often than not, a halfway house is recommended as a type of ‘step down’ facility before the individual re-integrates into society. Though rehabilitation programs do a great job at diagnosing and informing you and your loved one about the challenges they may face, learning how to live with these issues still needs to be addressed.

A halfway house provides the perfect bridge between these two worlds. A halfway house provides an environment full of peer support to help the individual succeed and learn new life skills they may not otherwise attain were they to simply revert back to their old lifestyle.

Why is a halfway house great for young adults and adolescents?

Oftentimes young adults and adolescents will have either been suspended or expelled from their education platform, or possibly lost their job as a result of their behavior. Because of this, halfway houses provide a great place for them to set goals and attain them regarding their career and education.

Learning to build a lifestyle of honesty and integrity for someone with little to no experience with those concepts can be difficult, but not insurmountable. When they are provided with a level of accountability and peer-based support, these goals becoming much more attainable.

How do I find a halfway house right for my child?

Many halfway houses work closely with rehabilitation and drug treatment programs, and typically there will be a number of choices you have when your child is discharged. Should you like more information regarding halfway houses in your area, call New Life House at (888) 357-7577.