What is heroin?

What is heroin?


Heroin has been a growing concern among law enforcement and officials and state representatives over the last 10 years. But what is heroin, and how exactly does one become exposed and eventually addicted to it?


Heroin typically comes in two forms, "black tar" or "china white".

Heroin typically comes in two forms, “black tar” or “china white”.

What is heroin?


Heroin is a Schedule I drug in the opiate family. Similar to painkiller drugs such as Vicodin and OxyContin, heroin is derived from the poppy plant. It comes in a few different forms, the most common of which are black “tar”, a sticky and sour smelling product, or “china white”, a powder and odorless form.


Like any opiate, heroin binds to the opiate receptors in the brain making the user feel euphoric, “numb” and comfortable. Like any opiate, heroin is also an effective form of pain relief. Because of its addictive nature, after prolonged use it requires more and more of the drug to obtain the same type of high.


Why do people use heroin?


Many opiate addicts did not start using heroin at all. Oftentimes, users are prescribed painkillers after surgery or to mitigate chronic pain. Upon extended use, misuse and eventually abuse, moving on to heroin becomes not only a cheaper but also a more effective and viable option.


Not only does heroin and other drugs in the opiate family nearly eradicate physical pain, they are also extremely effective in dulling emotional senses as well. Heroin abusers often use the drug to escape life, responsibilities and all of the feelings that come along with life’s ups and, ultimately, downs.


Heroin Detox is Difficult but not Impossible


What makes Heroin so terrible is its prevalence among young people, being readily available not only in clubs and events but in schools. Heroin is easy to obtain for anyone, and pervasive among all areas of the country—and the world.


Though very difficult, detoxing and ultimately giving up heroin is not impossible. Heroin detox is even more successful when it is combined with aftercare after attending a detox and/or rehabilitation treatment center. If you or someone you know needs help from Heroin addiction, do not hesitate to contact us at (888) 357-7577.