What is a Halfway House?

A halfway house is a safe place where those adamant about their recovery from behavioral or drug issues can live together, learning the social and emotional coping skills necessary to integrate or re-integrate into society.

What does a halfway house do?

There are many different names for halfway houses, such as sober house, recovery house, sober living, sober living environment, or aftercare facility. Regardless of the name, they all typically serve the same purpose.

Some may cater directly to those finishing drug rehabilitation or treatment while others may focus on recovery and acclimation from dual diagnosis, bi polar disorders or schizophrenia.

How does a halfway house work?

Halfway house environments typically feature privacy for those who are living there, with social, medial or psychiatric services readily available for those who need it. Some halfway houses are gender specific, age specific, or needs specific.

Some may even have what are referred to as ‘phases’, regarding the level of responsibility and accountability they are required to uphold while they are living there. Halfway houses are typically staffed 24 hours a day should residents need anything.

How does a halfway house help its residents?

More often than not, those diagnosed with drug addiction or behavioral disorders need a step-down program such as a halfway house before they are able to be self-sufficient and life on their own.

Ultimately, a halfway house has the goal of seeing their residents succeed. They bridge the gap between treatment and real life, helping residents achieve the ability to ‘live life on life’s terms.’ Should you like more information regarding halfway houses in your area, call New Life House at (888) 357-7577.