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Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be an exciting and scary time. For addicts, living life without the effects produced by drugs and alcohol can be overwhelming. Treatment facilities provide a safe place where the addict can receive professional help. Getting there is half the battle, but what helps someone stay in treatment?.

Motivation to Change

The most important thing is the individual’s internal motivation to change. Addicts need to reach a point in their using where they are ready to change the way they are living. If an individual is motivated to change, their likelihood of staying in treatment is at its highest. It is not enough for a parent or a loved one to encourage someone to stay in treatment; it must come from the addicts themselves. This isn’t to say that there wont be periods throughout the treatment process that the individual struggles. This is normal and the professionals at the treatment facility are there to teach them to walk through discomfort guide them back to a more optimistic outlook.

The Right Treatment Plan

While all addicts suffer from addiction, they are individuals and need to be treated as such. The right treatment facility will devise a treatment plan for each unique individual. Offering medical and psychiatric services may be necessary and should be available in a legitimate treatment facility.

Support From Family and Friends

Support from friends and family is imperative for the recovering addict. A strong support system increases the likelihood that the addict will stay in the treatment. Support should not be confused with codependency. Programs, such as Al-Anon, provide helpful tools for friends and family to help navigate their loved ones new found recovery.

Criminal Justice System

Sometimes addicts don’t enter treatment willingly. The court system may have given the option of jail time or a treatment facility. For individuals who are in treatment due to the criminal justice system, this may be enough incentive to stay in treatment. As previously mentioned, internal motivation to change offers the highest likelihood of staying in treatment. However, the individual may develop the necessary motivation to change if placed in the correct treatment facility.

Concerned About Yourself or a Loved One?

Choosing the right treatment center for yourself or a loved one can be difficult. New Life House can help. Should you like more information regarding addiction and recovery, please don’t hesitate to call New Life House at (888) 357-7577. We are happy to answer all questions and help you through this process.



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