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Children and teens are discovering and trying new ways to get drunk while avoiding detection. They are often trying to disguise the smell, get drunk in public places or hide their using from their parents. While some of the methods are relatively harmless (other than the risks associated with underage drinking) other methods are getting increasingly more dangerous.

Methods of Getting Drunk Without Actually Drinking

Children and teens are resorting to alternative methods of achieving intoxication from alcohol. There are different reasons why teens are resorting to alternative methods of intoxication. Some teens are attempting to avoid detection from others, are trying to get intoxicated more rapidly, are attempting to get drunk in publics places, are giving into peer pressure or are curious in experimentation. Some methods involve inhaling alcohol that has been converted into vapor. Some methods involve a person soaking various objects in alcohol and inserting the object into his or her body. Some methods involve soaking edible food in alcohol to disguise smell and detection from others. Some involve drinking products that contain alcohol. These methods increase the health risks associated with intoxication. Here are some ways people are getting drunk without actually drinking:

Inhaling alcohol: there are various methods of turning alcohol into vapor. Some people are pouring alcohol over dry ice in a narrow container, then inhaling the vapor with a straw. Others use a bicycle pump to turn alcohol into vapor. The bicycle pump needle is inserted into the cork of a bottle containing alcohol. While air is being pumped into the bottle, the vapor is inhaled.

Vodka soaked tampons: this hard to believe method has been discussed thoroughly on the news over the years and despite the serious health risks involved, teens are still using this method. A tampon is soaked in alcohol, primarily in vodka, and is then inserted vaginally or rectally. The alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, making this method extremely dangerous. If too much alcohol is absorbed, this method doesn’t allow you to vomit since the alcohol never entered the stomach.

Vodka eye-balling: this is another ridiculous method to supposedly get drunk more quickly. People have claimed to get intoxicating effects more rapidly and experience a rapid high, but medical professionals believe this is unlikely, as only a small amount of alcohol can be absorbed through the eye. This method does however cause serious damage to the outer layer of the eye, which can cause infections and potentially impair vision.

Soaking food in alcohol: fruit has commonly been used to absorb alcohol, providing an alternative to drinking – eating. A newer method has emerged and is allowing teens to get drunk in public and causing rapid intoxication. There have been reports of children and teens soaking gummy bears in vodka and bringing them to school. The method is used to disguise the smell and avoid detection from others. This method is dangerous for the person is unable to determine how much alcohol they are ingesting, causing high levels of intoxication.

Hand sanitizer: made up of 65% ethyl alcohol (equivalent to 120 proof alcoholic beverages) teens are drinking bottles of hand sanitizer. There have been many reports of teens being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer.

Are You Concerned About Yourself or a Loved One?

While experimentation with alcohol is often something teens engage in, some may be suffering from a more serious condition. It is important to learn ways to detect underage drinking and be able to differentiate experimentation from alcohol abuse. Teen alcohol dependence and addiction is a growing issue in society today. If you or a loved one is going to great lengths to disguise alcohol in order to avoid detection, please seek help immediately. Addiction is a disease. Recovery is possible with the appropriate addiction treatment. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved and want more information about how to get help, do not hesitate to contact us at (888)357-7577. We are here to help!



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