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Underage drinking is a leading public health problem despite the fact that approximately 5000 youth die every year as a result.  Car accidents, homicide, suicide, and other injuries such as falls, burns and drowning’s are more repercussions when teens drink.

Distraction as Long as Possible is Good for Youth

The longer teens can hold off drinking and using drugs, the better chance they have of not developing an addiction.  Many times this can be as simple as distracting them with as many family activities, sports, drama classes, etc., until the growing period is complete.

Setting Firm limits

If a child is entangled in underage drinking the best thing for parents to do is to educate themselves.  This means knowing the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse but it also means monitoring their use of cell phones and social media.  More and more teens are sharing that by viewing friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram who are partying, smoking and drinking, it makes them want to do the same.  It is essential that parents set firm expectations for acceptable behavior and follow through with firm consequences showing a zero tolerance for underage drinking.

The teenage years are the pinnacle for physical dexterity and mental acuteness, at the same time the brain is not fully formed and teens are lacking emotional maturity.  Underage drinking is highly dangerous during this formative period and the best help a parent can give is to do everything possible to hold off what might be the inevitable.

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