Types of Treatment


Types Of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Alcohol and drug treatment can be broken down into three basic phases of the recovery process: detoxification, primary treatment and sober living/aftercare. These phases address the various forms of care that will help an individual achieve sobriety. It is not required that one go through all three phases of treatment, detox and primary treatment may not be necessary depending on the individual circumstances.

Drug Detoxification (Detox)

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body, which the body has become dependent on these substances. Along with alcohol, many chemical substances that can be abused create a physical dependence within the body. Abuse of substances such as alcohol, opioids, barbiturates and other various prescription pain medications may require individual to enter a detoxification center prior to participating in a recovery program. The physical withdrawal symptoms must be addressed prior to the psychological issues.

New Life House Drug Detoxification

Primary Treatment

Primary treatment programs such as drug rehabs and wilderness therapy programs serve as great forms of treatment for those new in recovery. Most drug rehabs and wilderness therapy programs are short-term (30-90 days). Though each program defers in their model and approach, primary treatment programs address the psychological issues underlying addiction while aiding the individual in a therapeutic setting. Oftentimes individuals who go to primary treatment choose to find a long-term aftercare program such as New Life House after completion.

Sober Living & Aftercare

Sober living homes act as aftercare for those transitioning from primary treatment. While residing in sober living, an individual lives within a communal setting with other members that are also in recovery. This support system coupled with 12 Step participation has been recognized as a successful model to those newly sober. Sober livings vary in their form of structure and support, so selecting the right sober living that can effectively help the individual to progress in their recovery is imperative.

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