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Elite Tutoring provides in-home private tutoring and test preparation services from local credentialed classroom teachers. At Elite Tutoring, students will receive one-on-one personal attention, from start to finish, with only the best and brightest tutors available. Our private tutors are available to assist students with all classroom subjects and standardized exams, including ISEE, SAT preparation, Spanish, English, all sciences, including biology and chemistry, along with math, such as algebra and geometry.

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The Value of Tutoring in Sober Living for Young Adults

Age-specific sober living for young adults is filled with youth between the ages of 18 to 26.  Many of them have just graduated from high school and are looking forward to their college years.  Some have already been attending a two college or a four-year university.  Either way, substance abuse got the better of them and now they are in recovery.

The benefits of living in a sober living for young adults are many, especially an age-specific house.  One of the most important keys to successful recovery is being able to take the time out of the distractions of everyday life and focus on the behaviors and issues that go hand-in-hand with drinking and drugs.  Being in an age-specific sober living helps youth identify with each other, support each other and is a great motivator for positive change.

The one challenge that comes with taking a break from the “normal routine of daily living” is that it adversely affects the youth’s academic life.  When they are ready to continue their education, many are ill prepared for rigorous placement tests and college courses that might be easier for students who never left the educational system.  A solid sober living for young adults will support the needed respite, plus incorporate a tutoring program to strengthen their academic standings.   This will help them to test higher on college placement tests and get back up to speed in college classes.

A strong tutoring program not only strengthens tests and grades, but it also aids in boosting self-confidence.  There is a lot of peer support around education and studying in an age-specific sober living for young adults.  There are always a few people attending school at the same time and more than likely, even taking the same courses.  College is a fun part of growing up and what better way to set youth up for success, than through a tutoring program?



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