Treatment Resources

When it comes to helping your loved one, knowledge is power. Knowing just what treatment resources are at your disposal and how they all work together can be crucial in finding the right process of recovery. Utilize this page to find out more.

Detoxification Treatment

The first step prior to dealing with the underlying issues of drug abuse may be detoxification. Detoxification or “detox” refers to the process of removing toxins from the body. Drug and chemical detoxification is designed to help individuals’ withdrawal safely from the toxins the body has become dependent on.

Sober Living & Aftercare

Sober living homes act as aftercare for those transitioning from primary treatment. While residing in sober living, an individual lives within a communal setting with other members that are also in recovery. This support system coupled with 12 Step participation has been recognized as a successful model to those newly sober. Sober livings vary in their form of structure and support, so selecting the right sober living that can effectively help the individual to progress in their recovery is imperative.

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