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Transitional living homes in Los Angeles offers a safe environment for addicts to receive continued care and support after completing a medical detox or addiction treatment program. The treatment programs throughout Los Angels are considered to be some of the best treatment facilities in the United States. Los Angels is considered to be the epicenter of the recovery world. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is a long process. People don’t experience recovery overnight. Transitional living also referred to as sober living homes, offer those in addiction recovery a transitional step towards everyday life during the recovery process.

What is Transitional Living (Sober Living)?

Many individuals in addiction recovery use sober living housing as a transitional step from rehab to living independently without the use of alcohol or drugs. Sober living homes are group homes for addicts. Most sober living homes are privately owned. They offer the appropriate environment where addicts and alcoholics can develop the necessary foundation needed to achieve long-term recovery from addiction. While most transitional living homes offer 24-hour supervision, they differ from residential treatment facilities. Addicts who reside in a transitional living home are often able to uphold daily responsibilities such as work and school. Addicts who reside in a residential treatment facility are unable to adhere to work or school responsibilities. A transitional living home is best suited for an addict who has completed a medically supervised detox, a residential treatment program, or for individuals who are currently enrolled in an outpatient treatment program. For individuals who have completed a medical detox or residential treatment program, enrolling and residing in a transitional living in Los Angeles may be the next recommended step in the recovery process.

The Importance of a Recovery Community

Sober living and transitional living homes in Los Angeles offer the necessary encouragement and support necessary in the early recovery process. Transitional living homes offer a recovery community. A recovery community is one of the most integral parts of the addiction recovery process. Addicts who reside in sober living homes are able to develop relationships with like-minded individuals facing similar issues and struggles. When choosing a transitional living home in Los Angeles, it is highly recommended to choose a facility that is both age-specific and same-gendered. This allows the individual to receive support and develop lasting friendships without unnecessary distractions. Early recovery is a time where the individual will be faced with many challenges. A recovery community offers the best opportunity for individuals to overcome challenges while receiving support, compassion and understanding from their peers. A sober network of like-minded individuals, a recovery community, is invaluable throughout the addiction treatment process.

Los Angeles – the Epicenter of the Recovery World

When choosing a substance abuse treatment program in Los Angeles, you will be faced with many options. There are hundreds of transitional living homes in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is considered to be the epicenter of the recovery world and the treatment programs available are highly regarded. It is highly recommended to seek out a recommendation from an addiction specialist in the mental health field. An addiction specialist will best be able to assess the individual needs of the addict and determine the treatment program that will offer the best chance at success. Los Angeles is home to the largest young people’s recovery community in the United States. There are more than 3,000 twelve step program meetings available weekly in the greater Los Angeles area. Los Angeles is home to several young people’s committees and conventions are held annually, offering a unique opportunity for fellowship for teens and young adults.

Transitional Living in Los Angeles

Substance abuse can rapidly develop into addiction. Addiction is a complex and multifaceted disease. Recovery is possible if the right steps are taken to provide help. If you or someone you love needs help, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call (888)357-7577, we are here to help!


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