Top Ten Random Acts of Kindness

Top Ten Random Acts of Kindness

1.   Compliment a Stranger

Everyone could use a pick-me-up!  Letting someone know you like their smile or their style could make the difference when someone’s not having the greatest day.

2.   Let someone go ahead of you in traffic – hey – maybe all day long!

We all can get a little crazy behind the wheel.  Instead of laying on the horn or pretending we don’t see someone’s turn signal, be the kind driver and let them in – no matter if they acknowledge you or not.

3.   Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you…. without looking to see who they are!

Tell your barista you want to treat the person behind you – no matter who they are – a hunk – a supermodel – a little old lady or a construction worker – it shouldn’t matter – it’s all about the love.

4.   Save your quarters and pay for someone’s parking

When you see someone pulling into a parking spot – dash over and fill up their meter.  Say, “Have a nice day.” And continue on your way. Be careful though.  Putting change in an expired meter can result in a ticket….for you!

5.   Write someone a sweet note – anonymously or not

Write something nice to a co-worker, a friend or a family member.  Tell them what a great job you think they are doing and how they are making a difference.  Remember to keep it simple.

6.   Help someone with something they may not be able to afford in the grocery store

We’ve all been there, money is tight and we don’t have quite     enough at the check out line so we have to put something back.  When you see someone in this predicament – help them out by paying the difference.  Whether it’s a woman who has to put the flowers back that she wanted or someone just short 10 cents – help a person out!

7.   Take in your neighbors trash cans

Be sneaky – this is a good undercover act.  Go out extra early in the morning, as soon as the trash trucks have come and gone and take in your neighbor’s trashcans.  Hopefully, they won’t see you in action and you can keep the mystery!

8.   Donate blood

One pint of blood can save up to three lives!

9.   Offer your set to someone when there aren’t any left.

When you spot someone looking for a seat in a bus, a coffee shop, the waiting room at the doctor’s office, give them your seat – they’ll be grateful and you’ll feel happy.

10.  Pick up liter everywhere you go

Keep a plastic market bag in your car for those times when you see some trash needing to be picked up.  Take it with you when you walk on the beach or go for a hike.  It makes you feel good to know you’re contributing to a clean planet and the people enjoying the scenery after you will be stoked there’s no mess.

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  • Talia
    Posted at 16:59h, 22 July Reply

    I don’t have any money as we are minimum wage earners so I notice a lot more things in life that doesn’t come with money and I treat people how I’d like the world to be, so I step aside when someone needs to get passed, I smile at people just because they are passing me, I will be the person who walks around my area finding out where a loose dog’s owners are until dog and owner are reunited.
    You know what is sad? Some people actually look at me like I’m strange for making an effort to be kind, like I’m a bit mentally disabled or something. I don’t do it for those people though, I do it for the people who you can tell had their day changed by someone giving a damn.
    Random acts of kindness are great and I would love a world full of them.When someone asks “Why did you do that?”, I simply say “Because it was a nice thing to do!”.

  • Hannah
    Posted at 16:52h, 23 July Reply

    My husband never understood why even though we don’t have much money, I took a massive bag of food around to my brother once. I don’t even like my brother, he is selfish and certainly wouldn’t think of helping anyone else but regardless. I helped him because he had nothing and whilst I had little, I had enough.
    2 Years later, I didn’t starve for giving him that but it helped him from going hungry, so I see it as a good act of kindness. I know that is not random but it sticks in my mind because not liking a person could be the easy get out card but I chose not to use it.

  • Lana
    Posted at 12:07h, 12 August Reply

    I do think that having a character that notices people and the “small” things in life means I expect to do many acts of kindness with out even considering them more than good manners.
    I would think if I was taking my own trash bin in, it would be right that I take my neighbors in also. I also believe in letting someone in front of me if I have a large grocery shop and the person behind me has a couple of items.
    We really can make the world just that bit better if we all do those small things that place trust in humanity again. You never know how much that small kindness can change a person’s day.

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