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Top 10 Articles to Educate Parents on Drug Abuse

With the upcoming school year about to begin, we’ve complied a list of 10 articles to help parents educate themselves with teenage and young adult drug abuse.

It’s no secret that these days, drugs are prevalent in schools. Being educated around drug abuse, prevention and support is the best way to arm yourself with knowledgeable insight if your son or daughter is at risk of destructive behaviors. Please read and feel free to pass these articles along to anyone who may benefit from reading them.


1. Drug and Alcohol Awareness in the School Year


We send our children to school thinking they will be safe from drug and alcohol exposure; unfortunately this is not always the case. Often times, school is where children are experimenting for the first time, buying drugs and making plans to party later.

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Relapse Triggers for Teens

2. Relapse Triggers for Teens

There are many common relapse triggers for teens and young people who are new in recovery. For loved ones and family members, it can be very difficult to comprehend what runs through a teenagers mind when they have worked so hard for their sobriety only to relapse.

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3. The Top Ten Drugs Used by Teenagers and Young Adults

Teenage drug use has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. View the gallery below to see the top ten most commonly used drugs by teenagers and young people.

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Signs of Drug Use

4. The Top 10 Signs of Drug Use

Drug abuse affects more and more teens every day.  Check out these top ten signs of drug use to learn some tell-tale signs that may help you determine if someone you know or love may be using drugs.

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Are Drug Education Programs Effective?

5. Are Drug Education Programs Effective?

Drug abuse education programs such as D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) are prolific especially in most public schools. But how many teens are actually listening to the warnings? Is their approach practical?

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Hiding Drugs

6. Ways Your Child May Be Hiding Their Drug Abuse

If you’re concerned your son or daughter may be using drugs, Seemingly innocent behaviors may have a serious underlying meaning. It could mean drug and alcohol abuse. Addicts go to great lengths to mask the problem and keep their addiction hidden. Here are real questions answered by a real addict.

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Cheat Drug Test

7. 10 Ways to “Fake” Pass a Drug Test

Drug testing can effective tool to check whether an individual’s has used or drank; however, drug tests are  not foolproof. Here are 10 ways someone can cheat a drug test and show negative results.

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underage drinking

8. Underage Drinking Requires Parental Prevention

Underage drinking is every parent’s nightmare, yet for many they are unprepared to draw firm boundaries. MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) reports that young people who get a strong message from their parents that any underage drinking is totally unacceptable are far less likely to drink before they’re 21.

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5 Parenting Tips Learned From Addicts

9. 5 Parenting Tips Learned From Addicts

Lisa Hall-Wilson- a writer, blogger and mother shares what she learned interviewing parents and dozens of drug addicts. Through her interviews, she identified 5 helpful tips which she shares in this article.

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10. Recovery Books for Parents

For parents and family members who have a loved one suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, the first step to helping an individual get help is to get educated. These recovery books are informative reading materials to help educate families on alcohol and drug addiction.

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