Thousand Oaks in need of Sober Living for Young Adults

For residents of Ventura County, prescription drug abuse is at an all-time high amongst young adults. The county reported that 8% of high school seniors have abused Adderall and another 8% have abuse opiods and vicoden for nonmedical reasons. A sober living for young adults is one thing that can help this ongoing issue.

One organization is aware of the growing drug abuse amongst young adults, Straight Up Ventura County. Funded by the Ventura Behavioral Health Department, their mission is help young adults gain awareness and create a social change away from drug and alcohol abuse.

Recently, Straight Up Ventura County hosted an annual video contest, “Prescription for Change.” In response to the growing Rx drug abuse issue. The contest was open to Ventura County residents ages 12-25. Entrants were asked to create videos around topics such as the dangers of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol, safe storage and disposal of prescription drugs. The winning videos were creative and engaged young people to take active roles in drug prevention.

See the winning contestants at Straight Up Ventura County!

Unfortunately for Calabases, Thousand Oaks, Ventura and Simi Valley there is no magic wand to waive to get rid of prescription drug abuse. What’s worse is that prescription abuse generally leads to full-blown addiction of cheaper alternatives such as heroin. This has been the ongoing trend for years amongst young adults. Raising awareness is great, but its barely denting the ongoing issue. The fight against drug addiction is an up hill battle.

So, what can be done about this? What about young adults that are already addicted? Similar to the Straight Up organization, activities thatSober Living promote social changes and healthy environments are also being promoted by New Life House. New Life House Sober Living environments (SLE) for young adults provide peer-based sober living environments for young men and women.

At the New Life House sober living, residents utilize the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as they work within a support system of men and women their own age. Peer support is crucial to long-lasting recovery as most social scenes for young adults are now riddled with alcohol and drugs.

Young adults gain the most influence from their peers. By connecting with a positive peer group, young men and women participate in healthy sober activities stay out of compromising situations.

Originally, sober living environments were geared towards older men new in their sobriety. Now as more young adults are becoming addicted finding a sober living for young adults isn’t as common.

New Life House is the pioneer of age-specific sober living for young adults. Established in 1985, we have been working with young men and women to achieve sobriety with over 25 years of success.  If you or your loved one is seeking a sober living for young adults, call New Life House at (888) 357-7577.

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