The Importance of Sober Living Homes in Addiction Treatment

The Importance of Sober Living Homes in Addiction Treatment

The Importance of Sober Living Homes in Addiction Treatment


Addiction recovery doesn’t end once an individual completes an impatient program. A sober living home provides an opportunity for an individual to live in a safe and drug-free environment while receiving the necessary support, encourage and structure that is conducive for achieving long-term sobriety. What is a sober living home and what is the importance of sober living homes in addiction treatment?


What is a Sober Living Home?


A sober living home, also referred to as a halfway house or halfway home, are a drug and alcohol free environment that provide housing and support for newly sober people. Sober Living Homes are highly recommended for individuals who completed an inpatient program or are enrolled in an outpatient treatment program. They serve as a transitional living situation for individuals in early recovery.


Why Should One Go to a Sober Living Home After Treatment?


Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is possible. However, it is not a simple or quick process. Addiction is a chronic disease. Most people suffering from addiction require long-term or repeated care in order to completely stop using and experience emotional and physical recovery. If you or a loved one has completed an inpatient program, it is highly recommended that they transition into a sober living home. That way, the individual can receive further support and encouragement during the critical period of early recovery. Relapse is often the most common during this time, sober living homes help decrease the chance of relapse and help the individual develop a strong foundation in recovery.


What Makes Sober Living Effective?


If you are relatively familiar with the disease of addiction, you are likely aware of the struggles individuals face during the early stages of addiction recovery. Setting yourself or a loved one up for success should be your main priority. Enrolling yourself or a loved one in a sober living home after inpatient treatment provides the best opportunity for success. Sober living homes offer a safe environment for individuals to continue their emotional and physical recovery. Many people ask, what makes sober living effective? Here are 5 important things to look for when choosing a sober living home:

1. Recovery Community
2. Structure
3. Peer Accountability
4. Family Involvement
5. Safety, Success, and Supportive and Knowledgeable Staff

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?


The cost of sober living homes varies. It all depends on the level of care provided, the location of the sober living home, the duration of the program and the services offered. Most sober living homes cost around the same price as the monthly rent of homes in that same geographical area. Sober living homes in areas with a higher cost of living, such as California and New York, tend to be more expensive. More structured sober living programs with a highly involved staff will generally cost more. While some sober living homes take insurance, most do not. However, sober living homes may be able to offer financial assistance and/or scholarships for individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties. It all depends upon need and what the sober living is able to offer at that particular time.


How Long is Sober Living?


Similar to the varying cost of sober living homes, the duration of the program also varies. Some sober living homes offer 1-3 month long programs while others offer 12 months or 18 month long programs. Many individuals in early recovery feel overwhelmed and the risk for relapse is at its highest. The longer an individual stays in a safe, structured and drug and alcohol-free environment, the better. The duration of treatment varies among the unique needs of each individual. However, it is highly recommended that teens and young adults remain in a sober living home for at least a year or year and a half. This offers teens and young adults the best chance at achieving emotional and physical recovery from addiction.


How Do I Know When to Send My Child to Sober Living?


If your child is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, has completed a medical detox, has completed an inpatient program, or is currently enrolled in an outpatient program, they are a good candidate for sober living. As previously stated, the longer an individual remains in treatment the better. New Life House has been helping men get sober since 1985. If you have questions about addiction or sober living homes, please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 357-7577. We are here to answer all questions your may have.