The Importance of an Outpatient Facility in Addiction Treatment

The Importance of an Outpatient Facility in Addiction Treatment

The Importance of an Outpatient Facility in Addiction Treatment


Addiction recovery doesn’t end once an individual completes an impatient program. An outpatient treatment facility provides an opportunity for an individual to make a gradual transition back into everyday life with the necessary support, therapy and encouragement that is conducive for achieving long-term sobriety. What is an outpatient program and what is the importance of an outpatient facility in addiction treatment?


What is an Outpatient Facility?


Addiction is a physical and psychological condition that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences associated with the drug and alcohol abuse. An outpatient treatment program is an essential component of addiction treatment. Outpatient treatment programs provide evidence based approach therapy in an outpatient setting, offering groups and therapy either during the day or in the evening. This offers a flexible approach to treatment and allows individuals to tend to daily responsibilities and return home in the evening. Outpatient programs educate and bring recovery to individuals and families in need.


Should I Go To an Outpatient While in Sober Living?


Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is possible. However, it is not a simple or quick process. Addiction is a chronic disease. Most people suffering from addiction require long-term or repeated care in order to completely stop using and experience emotional and physical recovery. If you or a loved one is currently residing in a sober living, it is highly recommended that they attend an outpatient program. The more support, encouragement, and therapy an individual is recovery receives, the better. Many outpatient treatment programs offer both adolescent outpatient services and adult outpatient services.


How Much Does Outpatient Cost?


The cost of outpatient treatment varies. The location of the facility, care and services provided, as well as the duration of the treatment will determine the cost of the program. Outpatient treatment programs are significantly more affordable than residential treatment. This is due to the fact that outpatient treatment programs do not provide 24/7 care but rather offer daytime and evening care. Unlike sober living homes, many health insurance plans offer financial assistance for individuals attending outpatient treatment.


Does Insurance Cover Outpatient Treatment?


Yes, most insurance companies offer financial assistance to individuals enrolled in and outpatient treatment program. Contact your health insurance provider and find out what benefits are available to you or your loved one in regards to outpatient care.


Why is Therapy Important in Addiction Treatment?


Alcohol and drug abuse are a symptoms of underlying issues. Therapy helps individuals not only address their substance abuse issues but identify and address why they began abusing alcohol and drugs in the first place. Many individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol began their drug use as a way to self-medicate and find relief. It is imperative that individuals address why they sought relief in the first place. Outpatient treatment programs offer individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. This is critical in early recovery from addiction. If you have questions about addiction, or would like further information about sober living or outpatient programs, please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 357-7577. We are here to answer all questions you may have.