Ten Signs You May Be An Alcoholic

Consumption of alcohol is so common in our culture that it’s rare for a drinker to think he has a problem. However, if any of these ten signs apply to you, it’s likely that you have an addiction that can ruin your life. Read over these carefully, and consider getting treatment with rehab and a sober living facility if they hit too close to home.

1) You think about alcohol a lot. Do you find yourself thinking about alcohol even when you’re not around it, in the middle of the day, at work, and in other situations when you shouldn’t otherwise be reminded of it?

2) You sometimes drink more than you had planned. If you go to a party planning to have only one drink, but feel unable to say no to more, then you might have a problem with alcohol. You may also find that a friend tells you you had eight drinks last night when you could swear it was “only” four.

3) You call yourself a “social drinker”. When you want to put a harmless-sounding label on yourself, it often means that you’re trying to excuse behavior that you know deep down is harmful.

4) You avoid things you used to do, in favor of drinking. If you’ve given up past hobbies and activities that don’t involve alcohol, in favor of parties or even staying home to drink alone, this is a huge red flag for alcohol addiction.

5) All of your friends drink frequently. Sometimes this type of behavior starts out as social drinking, but turns into very bad habits shared by a group of people who enable one another. Treatment in a sober living facility can help to break this pattern.

6) You still drink alcohol even after you have bad experiences with it. Have you had a bad hangover, a fight with a friend while drinking, or lost a romantic interest over your drinking – and yet continue to do it anyway? If alcohol causes problems in your life and yet you keep inviting it back in, then you probably have a problem.

7) You feel sick when you try to stop drinking. Withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop drinking indicate that your body has become dependent on alcohol. This can be a very serious problem.

8) You feel as if you have no control over your drinking. You don’t want to drink, you know it’s bad for you… and yet you do it anyway.

9) You worry that you drink too much. If it has occurred to you that you drink too much, then you probably do. Listen to that inner voice.

10) Quitting seems impossible. If the idea of not drinking sounds like a foreign idea or an impossible task, seek treatment with rehab and a sober living facility immediately. You do have a choice in the matter.

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