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This Christmas is a whole new experience for me than the past years. I would normally be at home willing to just have Christmas dinner with my family and then after that it would be me leaving the house and going and doing what I wanted to do - which was run around and cause trouble wherever I could.

By the age of 24 years old, I was willing to do very little to help myself or others.  I was put in a place where my self-will was no longer working for me. I had relied on my determination and ambition to succeed without anyone else’s help for a long time, and it had worked up until recently. 

When I came into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous 17 months ago, my life was falling apart from the inside out.  I was scared, angry, and depressed; I felt there was little hope for the future.  I blamed the world for my misery; it wasn’t my fault that no one understood me.