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Wilderness therapy has been a very common choice when it comes to having adolescents and young adults attend residential treatment for drug addiction, co-occurring disorders or behavioral therapy. But what is it about wilderness therapy that is so effective?

In Part Two of Into the Heart of Addiction’s interview with Wilderness Treatment Center (WTC), clinical director Patrick Hawkins shares how important rehab aftercare is in the recovery process and what he considers the top asset of his program.

Wilderness Treatment Center (WTC) began helping young men recover from drug and alcohol addiction in 1983 and just celebrated their 31st anniversary last August. I had the opportunity to take a visit to North West Montana in early October and interview WTC Clinical Director, Patrick Hawkins. It is evident to see and hear the passion Pat has for his calling helping young men achieve sobriety, and understand his affinity for the wilderness as an effective teacher.

New Life House South Bay recently took the guys to Idyllwild, CA for their highly anticipated annual camping trip! Including the graduates, there were over 100 people in attendance for New Life House South Bay’s camping trip! The camping trip is an experience the guys have been talking about since the previous year. The alumni and senior members of New Life House hold the camping trip in high regard as a time that really exemplifies what it means to be young, sober, and part of a loving and special tight-knit community.

Wilderness Therapy is an effective introduction into recovery from addiction. It allows an individual to be separated from their old environments while learning to live drug free with increased self-esteem and self-insight. In the isolated and supportive setting that wilderness therapy centers provide, individuals are given the time to focus on themselves and their recovery.