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Cravings, along with triggers, are a huge part of the potential pitfalls to relapse when we talk about early recovery. Even people who know very little about addiction and alcoholism recognize the fact that people who are drunks or addicts have a hard time staying stopped when they attempt to do so. But for those of us who are in recovery and are serious about it, how can we go about dealing with them?

Recovery is a precarious thing. There are as many experiences of recovery as there are people who have attempted it. Though no two are ever exactly alike, there are indeed similarities between them.

The topic of relapse can be a touchy one. While some may state that “relapse is part of recovery”, others claim that it does not have to be, nor should it. But the bottom line is relapsing is a life-threatening event, whether it has happened before or not. Drug addicts and alcoholics have the underlying problem of the lack of control, not knowing when to stop, which can ultimately lead to death. Being able to identify how to avoid relapse and what may trigger is key to anyone’s recovery.

There are many common relapse triggers for teens and young people who are new in recovery. For loved ones and family members, it can be very difficult to comprehend what runs through a teenagers mind when they have worked so hard for their sobriety only to relapse.