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My son, just turned 21 with 16 months of sobriety, lives far away from home at New Life House. While most days I feel good about the progress we’ve made as a recovering family, sometimes I can “relapse” and feel pretty raw. There are days that I wonder, “What could I have done differently?”

People of all ages go to drug and alcohol treatment for a very specific reason. No matter what their drug of choice, they no longer wish to live the life they have been living and need to give a new type of lifestyle a shot. Yet, for the most part, this demographic engages in smoking. So how does smoking, when it is so detrimental to one’s health, make sense in a recovery setting when you are attempting to turn your life around?

In an effort to bring our readers more information for the families of young, female addicts, we are pleased to be able to highlight all the good work La Ventana is doing in the field of Eating Disorders (ED) coupled with Chemical Dependency (CD). La Ventana is known for providing an exceptional level of care based on the specific needs of each individual client. They offer a medically supervised detox program, address dual diagnosis, provide therapy, nutrition counseling, and many more modalities -- all on beautiful Southern California campuses in both Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks.

Getting a loved one sober can be an extremely emotional affair – hope, fear and anticipation are often all felt simultaneously. There can be a fear that if one thing is said or done incorrectly, the chance at helping your son or daughter will disappear and this fragile and hopeful opportunity for a new life could be lost.