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One of the key elements of working a 12 step program is having a sponsor that guides you through the process. Often, sponsees will turn to their sponsors for more than just the steps in order to get direction and life advice. What is the difference then, between a sponsor and a therapist?

Wilderness therapy has been a very common choice when it comes to having adolescents and young adults attend residential treatment for drug addiction, co-occurring disorders or behavioral therapy. But what is it about wilderness therapy that is so effective?

Sober companionship has become extremely prevalent in the last decade, offered by many rehabilitation services and non-residential drug treatment programs as an additional means of support to primary care. But what purpose do they serve and how do you know if you should have one?

While AA is an incredible gift designed by Bill Wilson and the early writers of the Big Book to treat alcoholism and the disease of addiction, it tends to focus more on mental and spiritual recovery, not so much on how to address the unresolved physical issues left in it's wake such as depression, anxiety, or other mental health ailments.

Deborah Sweet, Psy.D. is a therapist who opened her private practice in 2006 where she began offering therapy to heal unresolved trauma and addiction. She has been sober since September 14, 1987. Prior to her own recovery she experienced repeated relapses over a four-year period. Frustrated, Deborah wondered what it was that kept her from getting sober. She realized it was two things: one, she was not ready; and two, it was her trauma which was mostly in the form of neglect. The nature of her unresolved trauma entailed moving fifteen times as a child, the death of her father at seven, being in critical foster family for a year and eventually being adopted when she was eight years old.

Wilderness Therapy is an effective introduction into recovery from addiction. It allows an individual to be separated from their old environments while learning to live drug free with increased self-esteem and self-insight. In the isolated and supportive setting that wilderness therapy centers provide, individuals are given the time to focus on themselves and their recovery.