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When I first got sober, I heard a lot about how resentments are the “number one offender” and a large part of the reason why a lot of people relapse. It didn’t really make too much sense to me, as I always considered myself a guy who was pretty easy to get along with. Little did I know I was also a huge people pleaser but that is for another article.

Recently, a parent of the New Life House community wrote an article about the third step, the third step prayer and what they both meant to him and his program. It got me thinking about my own spiritual program and how I have used prayer and meditation since I stopped using drugs and alcohol.

A New Life House Father explains his sober meditation practice, how he learned to quiet his mind and how being present in any daily activity activity is a meditative practice-even while driving.

The Serenity Prayer is used in recovery worldwide.  In 12 Step recovery, we close out our meetings with it, and in times of strife and struggle often refer back to it's comforting words. Let's break down the serenity prayer today and discuss what it really means, for the more that we understand, the better we can put it to use.