Sober Tag

New Life House has had many parents who are sober themselves help work an Al-Anon program by providing an environment for their sons to come to terms with their disease. A sober parent with over 20 years of experience writes the following article about fear of the past, present and future.

Ever since I can remember I had a really fun time during the holidays and I always had a nice time spending it with my family. I remember being little; I would go to Iowa to spend Thanksgiving at my grand parents house and hang out with my entire family.

Getting sober young and finding success in sobriety isn’t something that is limited to just guys. While there are a lot of young men who have been able to use their sobriety as a platform for reaching goals and making their dreams realities, there are also female success stories.

A chain of events lead me to getting sober at a young age and I have been on a journey ever since. I started getting high at a young age so it fits that I got sober at a young age and was given a second chance at a successful life. By the time I got sober I was so broken emotionally and spiritually that anything positive in my future seemed unattainable and so distant that I couldn’t even imagine it. I got hit with drug possession charges at 16 and that was the first time I had any repercussions for my actions.

Can you imagine entering a men’s sober living where house members not only gain support, but call it their home rather than a transitional living environment? Think about it, what would you have to feel in a men’s sober living to really feel at home? It’s not uncommon for men at New Life House to feel this way when returning home from their day’s events.