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I write a lot about my personal experiences in recovery relating to the 12 steps and things centered around the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, but not nearly enough about how I found these things. Though I attribute my success and newfound way of living to the program, it was my sober living and aftercare program, New Life House, which introduced me to this solid foundation.

Working in recovery, I often hear the question “What is the difference between rehab and sober living?” It is a common misconception and unfortunately both institutions are plagued by a variety of stigma and misconceptions. But both are instrumental, especially for young adults getting sober, and it is important to note what each of them facilitate and why.

When you first realize that a loved one needs to seek treatment for substance abuse, figuring out the right course of action can feel overwhelming. Where do I send them? What kind of help do they need? What is the best type of aftercare or sober living environment? What kind of community would they fit best in?

Sober living for young adults provides a safe and supportive environment and time to strengthen recovery. The many changes that need to occur in addiction recovery for young adults require time, first to learn the negative behaviors requiring change, and then to replace them with healthy options.

It is very easy for me to understand how having a lot of structure within sober living will help me to transition to living a healthy lifestyle when I move out on my own. The first few things that come to mind is the structure of chores and arranging the things that I plan to do the following day on the evening prior. I find these two aspects of structured sober living to be very beneficial to daily life.

If you've chosen a sober living home to ease your transition from rehab back to “regular life”, good for you! You've made a positive step to aid your recovery. The decision is just the first step, though; you will face more decisions along the way that allow you to make the most of your time in sober living.

For residents of Ventura County, prescription drug abuse is at an all-time high amongst young adults. The county reported that 8% of high school seniors have abused Adderall and another 8% have abuse opiods and vicoden for nonmedical reasons. A sober living for young adults is one thing that can help this ongoing issue.

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