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Myths about recovery part 3

Myths about recovery part 3   It’s been a good run, but this is the third and final part of our “myths about recovery” series. In part...

Addiction Recovery Myths
Myths About Recovery Part 2

Myths About Recovery Part 2   This is the continuation of the conversation we started last week, if you haven’t done so yet, please read Part 1...

Myths about Drug and Alcohol Recovery
Myths About Recovery Part 1

I remember sitting in a living room somewhere, talking about rehab with someone; they said a few things that I thought were true at that...

What Made Christmas In Sober Living Special?
What Made Christmas In Sober Living Special?

When I first arrived at New Life House East, I wanted to leave immediately. I didn’t want any part of what I saw there. And, that wasn’t because people didn’t welcome me, or because people made me feel like I didn't fit in. It was because I have always had to do something to be accepted, or be someone I wasn't. I was used to being the odd one out. That wasn't the case at the sober living.

How To Support Your Child's Recovery From Addiction During The Holidays
How To Support Your Child’s Recovery From Addiction During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for those in recovery and for their families. During this time of year everyone has high expectations, busier schedules and there are increased social gatherings and travel. People in recovery are often distracted during this time of year and attend fewer Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and parents may be attending less Al-Anon meetings.