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Coming into the rooms of AA I felt afraid and alone. I was at the lowest point of my life. I didn't know what I was going to. I had just spent two months at Wilderness Treatment Center in Montana and was already feeling homesick. Hearing that I was going to spend an unforeseen amount of time in Los Angeles didn't brighten up my mood.

Sometimes I take a few moments out of the day to look at what I’ve gained in my life since I have been sober. I’ll look back 21 months ago and visualize my life the way it used to be. If it wasn't for my recovery community, I don't think things would be as different as they are.

I'm tense in my therapist's office as we listen to the ringtone over the speaker until a voice answers.

"Hey mom," I choke,"I relapsed again."

One of the terms commonly thrown out in Alcoholics Anonymous is a “geographic”. A “geographic” is when an individual moves location in an effort to fix the problems in their life, usually as a result of drinking and using. It is widely known that a geographic does not solve the problems of someone in active addiction, but are there valid reasons for switching locales when trying to actually get sober?

When you first realize that a loved one needs to seek treatment for substance abuse, figuring out the right course of action can feel overwhelming. Where do I send them? What kind of help do they need? What is the best type of aftercare or sober living environment? What kind of community would they fit best in?