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Myrna Harris’ career as an educational consultant takes her all over the United States. She helps support families as they embark on the daunting search for the appropriate solution for a child struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Going to college and starting a career were goals of mine from a very young age. Though much of this has to do with the norms of society as well as guidance from my parents, I made higher education and a career a very personal choice as well. I wanted to expand my knowledge and do something I was proud of. I never had any idea that using drugs could ultimately tear down everything I had spent almost a decade building. But that was exactly what it did.

I had the good fortune of sitting down last week with Dr. Howard Samuels, founder and president of The Hills Treatment Center in Hollywood, and hearing his thoughts on how he envisions the 12 Step program evolving, long-term sobriety and the motley morphing of today’s recovery movement.