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For those of us with little to no experience with how to treat alcoholism or addiction, when we think of rehab, a lot of different things come to mind. Going away for 30 days, entering a sober living, going to a detox, or going to outpatient. Once we do some research, sometimes outpatient is one of the most likely choices being offered, especially for parents of adolescents. But what exactly is outpatient rehab?

A mother shares her story of love and patience for her adopted son, and how educating herself with Al Anon helped her come to terms with his addiction.

Outpatient rehab is a very popular path that many individuals take when addressing their drug or alcohol problem. Dealing with addiction on a non-residential basis, being able to continue going to school or work, and gaining regular access to therapists and doctors can be an effective option when it comes to getting help.