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Four years into methadone maintenance, I still didn’t think it was a bad thing. I still had no concept of addiction or that I myself may be an addict. In time, I realized I needed it the same way I needed heroin and that it had me in its grips.

The topic of opioid replacement therapy is a touchy one. On the one hand, ever since Methadone was first synthesized it has “successfully” helped millions of addicts curb their addictive behavior centered on opiates such as heroin and painkillers. On the other, Methadone also causes thousands of deaths each year in the United States and ultimately keeps the user “strung out” on opioids. So does the drug provide any sort of real benefit? Or is it just ultimately delaying the inevitability of the need to get completely sober?

Help! My child is using heroin! This often-startling discovery is never fun for any parent to uncover, but there are definite and helpful actions that can be taken when faced with this difficult reality. The next question in this scenario is invariably, “What do I do?” The answer is to educate yourself, take action towards getting your child help, and potentially reaching out to an addiction specialist to help navigate through the process.

Is a once monthly Vivitrol shot counterproductive to recovery? There is some debate in the recovery community surrounding the use of this shot that prevents opiates from causing their characteristic “high”.

The first step to the healing process for any continued drug use is detoxification. For an individual that is in withdrawal, it can seem like there is no end in sight. The pain and suffering caused from heroin withdrawal can be one of the most uncomfortable sensations of an individual’s life. The purpose of this article is not only to shed light on what is actually going on physically, but to give more information about a timeline for the process of a heroin detox.