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The first time my husband and I visited New Life House East, we thought it was a mirage. But instead of swaying palm trees and crystalline water, we were greeted by the refreshingly open faces and attitudes of one sober young man after another. The loving, open-hearted embrace of parents who related to the fear and weariness in our eyes.

For me, reaching my rock bottom was critical. My friend told me about putting her son in New Life House and I thought she was nuts. I simply could not understand why on earth she would put her son in a program that lasted for such a long time. We were putting our son in a program for six months and he could still attend college because college was very important. Boy, were we wrong!

One of the central truths of addiction is that it is a “family” disease, affecting all of the addict’s or alcoholic’s relationships. Parents of young addicts might therefore be dealing not only with their own relationship with their son or daughter, but also with the addict’s relationships with siblings, grandparents or other close family members in the household.

It’s agonizing for parents to accept the fact they have a son that has become a drug addict. Some of us have found ourselves dealing with two sons who suffer from the disease of addiction.

Our son is wired differently. And, since we loved him so much, we got caught up in a confusing world of trying to love and parent someone who has addiction issues. In loving him, we didn’t initially understand the need to do things differently.