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The rise of synthetic drugs such as spice and bath salts has increased alarmingly over the last five years. One of the most alarming things about these “designer drugs” was the fact that they were legal to buy, sell, posses and even use without fear of criminal punishment. The United States government has scheduled a lot of the core components of these drugs. Yet this has not stopped drug pushers from coming up with new and unique designer drugs, most recently, “Flakka”.

“What kind of drugs get smoked out of glass pipe?” I hear this question asked by parents a lot – especially early on, when they are first beginning to suspect that their child’s using is more than just casual experimentation.

Methamphetamine is a very real and serious problem in the United States, with people younger and younger getting addicted to it everyday. Missouri is currently  the meth capitol of the world. Not only is it available in every major city but also even rural areas of the country. It is a very real epidemic that is right at our doorstep. What is it about meth that makes it so attractive and ultimately, so terrible?