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With the holiday season in full swing, avoiding relapse should be a top priority for anyone in recovery. What are the best ways to steer clear of potential problems, keep a recovery program in tip top shape, and focus on make this time of year one filled with joyful memories rather than regrets?

New years resolutions have always been something that I have tried to practice, only to find them short lived, lasting a week or two at best. There was never a plan on how I would be able to accomplish my resolutions and they were always pretty unrealistic based on the lifestyle that I had been living. It was just an excuse for me to tell myself that I was moving in a direction to do something positive in my life.

So much has changed for the better in the past couple years. I will have two years of sobriety in April, and the closer it gets, the more unbelievable it becomes. Before sobriety I had nothing on the horizon, but now all I can do every day is walk the road in anticipation of what’s coming around the corner. Every day is the start of a new page in a chapter of my life, and around every corner could be a major plot twist.

This Christmas is a whole new experience for me than the past years. I would normally be at home willing to just have Christmas dinner with my family and then after that it would be me leaving the house and going and doing what I wanted to do - which was run around and cause trouble wherever I could.

In the past, when I was younger I spent a lot of time with my family during the holidays. From Thanksgiving on, I would go to my Grandma's house and have the whole night with my siblings, mom, dad, aunts and uncle. We had a tradition in my immediate family a few weeks before Christmas,  where we would head down to a tree lot deep in Ramona and while my Mom and Dad bought the tree, my siblings and I would go and run and jump around on these huge rocks on the property.

While triggers can occur anytime, the holidays are often a particularly difficult time of year for those in recovery from addiction. The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time for loved ones to celebrate together. For some, the holidays cause stress and bring up negative emotions. What are the most common addiction relapse triggers during the holidays?

Happy Holidays! The festivities are here again but this year has changed for me dramatically in addiction recovery. Before, each year as time went by, the holidays became less and less appealing, as I sank deeper and deeper into the introverted and secluded life that was my using.

When I first arrived at New Life House East, I wanted to leave immediately. I didn’t want any part of what I saw there. And, that wasn’t because people didn’t welcome me, or because people made me feel like I didn't fit in. It was because I have always had to do something to be accepted, or be someone I wasn't. I was used to being the odd one out. That wasn't the case at the sober living.