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Anyone who has followed the news in Los Angeles over the last week has heard of the two young women who lost their lives at HARD Summer from apparent drug overdoses. In the wake of this event, the subject of shutting down music festivals such as HARD Summer has once again arisen. But is this truly the answer to the problem?

Early July, we released an article on “molly,” the MDMA party drug that is sweeping the young pop culture scene. Noticing its growing popularity, we reported the make-up of the drug, the culture associated with it, and the risk of abusing it. Though the reported death-toll of molly abuse was low, 2 more deaths were added over this labor day weekend.

Molly, a MDMA party drug, is becoming quite popular in today’s music scene and pop culture. Even in hip-hop and rap music, mollys are known and associated with several artists and musicians. The way that it is being portrayed by music moguls, it makes it seem like it’s part of what someone does if they are “cool” or they are part of the party crowd.