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This past Monday the 15th I celebrated seven years sober. I can not tell you how incredibly crazy it is to me to be seven years clean and how different my life is today compared to what it was like seven years ago. I used to be lost, broken, alone and scared, a mere shell of my former self. I had nothing and no one. I was a slave to my drugs with no goals, no dreams, no ambitions.

When we are using and in the midst of our disease, we are so far removed from ourselves that we fail to realize how much damage we do to our bodies. We fail to recognize that we are degrading, deserting, and eroding both our physical body and our spirit.

No matter how fit, athletic, well-read, or healthy you are, if your mind and soul are not thriving, then none of those other things even matter. I focus on looking at ourselves not just from the physical health perspective but more from an all-encompassing viewpoint, for it has to be acknowledged that health and wellness are nothing if our minds are not well.

Today's post is not specifically geared towards those in recovery.  What we are going to discuss is for anyone who wants not only to better understand what healthy food truly means, but also the ways in which companies attempt to market faux-healthy food to us.

Maya Frank hosts her original blog, My Life as Maya, where she writes about fashion, food, fitness and mom life with creativity and candor. Whether she is sharing recipes for all the remarkable ways to prepare a cauliflower (it’s a Paleo thing), talking about Little C (her daughter, Chloe) and mom life, or putting together an outfit that will make you look fabulous and not spend more than you should….Maya shares it with the world and makes us all feel just a little bit closer.

Something that is often overlooked in discussions about health and wellness in sobriety is sleep. We get so wrapped up in macros and workouts and antioxidants that we forget some of the most basic (but most important) components of wellness. The body can not function on a massive sleep deficit; in fact, sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture.

As we have discussed at length in previous posts, fueling your body with healthy, natural foods is so incredibly important. However a lot of us run into trouble when it comes to cooking and meal planning. When I was using I rarely cooked and never meal planned.
One of the things that we have to re-learn in recovery is how to be mindful of our bodies and our needs. Over the years of using, we become completely disconnected from our bodies, out of touch and out of tune. We forgo food, sleep, and safety in favor of drugs and alcohol. The issue with being out of touch with ourselves is that we carry this inability to care for bodies into sobriety.
I am so excited to be a part of the team here at Into The Heart of Addiction, and I can't wait to begin this journey to health with all of you! I am incredibly passionate about health and wellness and I love when I can share and help others to live fuller, more vivacious and beautiful lives.