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OK, you’ve stopped drinking alcohol and using drugs a couple of years ago and you’re pretty sure you’re going to lose your mind. You’re feeling worse now than you did before you quit and you’re pretty sure this was not part of the deal. You don’t understand why – you did the steps (once in your first year) – you help the occasional newcomer (I mean you’re busy with your own life too, right?) - you go to a couple of meetings a week (again, you’re busy with your own life) – so why are you feeling so…uninspired to stick around?

Drug rehab for young substance abusers is essential for lasting recovery.  Young people are notorious for acting impulsively and lacking the maturity to stay the course.  Many live for the moment without focusing on the lasting effects of their behaviors.  This is not a behavior unique to young people struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse, but is their common biological characteristic – it’s only natural!