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Part Three of Our Interview with Jeff Merrick Jeff Merrick and I have been talking for a couple of hours now. Besides some good coffee, what’s really fueling our conversation at this point is the chance to compare notes on what we are observing on the front lines of addiction – myself working in treatment and what Jeff is seeing out there in the intervention homes he goes into and in the lives of clients facing criminal charges.
Part Two of Our Interview with Jeff Merrick Intervention on a family systems level has given attorney, Jeff Merrick, and the families he serves a second chance at life.  “Sometimes, the most usefulness I have – and it’s the most powerful position I am probably ever in – is to not take a particular case and let that family know that my help might be a contingency that their loved one’s recovery depends on.
Part One Intervention in the old school sense used to rely heavily on tough love.  Families would gather at a pre-designated location and unbeknownst to the addict, surprise him or her with strict words and an ultimatum.  The sole focus was to get the addict into treatment and away from the family.  The more co-dependent a family, the more the need to separate them.  But things have changed – for the better.
“Successful intervention” wasn’t on Erin’s mind when she and her husband Paul first started to look for answers to their oldest son’s drug and alcohol addiction. She could barely wrap her head around the fact that Trevor had a problem; so considering the possibility of sending him away for treatment wasn’t even an option.

Without my parents, I would not be sober today. My parents have done everything for me growing up and are wonderful, loving and charismatic people. I truly cherish them and am eternally grateful to have them in my life, however my perception was skewed before having the clarity of mind I have since achieved through the steps.