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This is the first time in a long time that I have been stoked for Christmas. Around this time last year I was coming out of a stint in rehab followed by a trip to the psych ward. The gnarly part was that I thought that all of that was acceptable, and that I could handle the situation.

Last year was my first time home from college for the holidays. I came home for Christmas break and was excited because I love Christmas and the holidays. My mom’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. I got in a huge argument with her earlier that day. I had made the great decision to get drunk during the day and went to apologize to my mom once I was drunk.

I had always seen the holidays as an amazing and magical time when I was a child. Getting to see extended family members who I hadn’t spoken with in awhile, the house being lit up with all sorts of lights and music and the energy that exuded from people was contagious. I could feel the energy throughout my home and see it in the faces of my friends with the anticipation of presents.