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Four years into methadone maintenance, I still didn’t think it was a bad thing. I still had no concept of addiction or that I myself may be an addict. In time, I realized I needed it the same way I needed heroin and that it had me in its grips.

I'm writing this narrative explaining my experience with being a dad of a son with a heroin addiction.  For a long time I suspected that my son, Matthew, was on drugs; he looked terrible, was always in a bad mood and never seemed too happy to spend any time with the family. 
Suboxone abuse is the poster child for replacing one addiction with another. The talk amongst families is that something’s seems horribly wrong. They wonder whether their kids really need to be on Suboxone in the first place and why doctor’s are keeping them on it for so long?
On January 2, 2010, Michael’s mom witnessed firsthand what she feared was going on with her son. For months, she was concerned about Michael’s welfare, but Michael wouldn’t open up to her. Concerned, she drove by his apartment and noticed his garage door was left open. Upon entering, she found empty beer bottles lying around the garage, vomit was in the toilet, cigarette burns peppered the carpets and she found syringes in almost every drawer.  She was terrified, her son was a heroin addict and he was clearly suffering.

For residents of Ventura County, prescription drug abuse is at an all-time high amongst young adults. The county reported that 8% of high school seniors have abused Adderall and another 8% have abuse opiods and vicoden for nonmedical reasons. A sober living for young adults is one thing that can help this ongoing issue.