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Addiction does not just wreak havoc on the addict - it leaves a trail moral wreckage in it's wake. In addiction we may steal, lie, cheat, and totally disregard the needs and emotions of the people around us. We may even purposefully dole out pain to others, wanting everyone else to be as miserable as we are. And then we get sober...and all of that wreckage and hurt and destruction we caused does not disappear just because we have stopped using. So what happens next? How do we start to repair the bridges we burned and the people we spurned?

Surfing and sobriety go hand-in-hand, whether the lull of gentle waves or the crashing ferocity of a huge swell, surfing each requires patience, maintaining presence, practicing forgiveness and having faith in something uncontrollable, a symbiosis with life on life’s terms. Nowhere is the power of recovery demonstrated so beautifully as it is in the water between the ocean’s waves and a surfer.