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The day I realized that I was the mom of a drug addict I felt that my life would never be the same. My life was going to have a lot of dark days ahead indeed. As the dark days got darker with Jeff falling deeper into his Addiction we realized our son needed more help than any of us had previously thought.

This Christmas is a whole new experience for me than the past years. I would normally be at home willing to just have Christmas dinner with my family and then after that it would be me leaving the house and going and doing what I wanted to do - which was run around and cause trouble wherever I could.

Ever since I was a kid, the holidays for me were always my favorite time of the year. I loved the weather, the presents and the time off of school. When I think of my perspective growing up it was always about me and what I wanted, how I didn’t have to go to school for two weeks. I never took the chance to look at how I had been given so much from my family my whole life and that after I was a kid I started to have the ability to make it up to my family.

Once taking all he could from his family and friends, this recovering addict devotes his life to being of service to others. Sobriety is its own reward.