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I suppose it’s a little biased of me to write a piece on sobriety on the city I not only got sober in, but where I was also born and raised. Even still, I want to give a shout out to Los Angeles for being the beautiful backdrop of my story and how I have come to appreciate everything that has happened here; the good and the bad.

The misconception that getting sober is not a fun experience is a prevalent one. I know that I absolutely subscribed to that idea before I got sober, and even felt at the beginning of my sobriety that I was still entirely correct that fun without drugs and alcohol was not possible.

When I was out drinking and using and started to hit my bottom, I thought I was completely doomed to a miserable existence. The drugs and alcohol kept me from having a real fulfilling life but in no way shape or form could I imagine having a life without them. The only way that I knew how to have fun was by getting high, and being sober and having fun was not even a possibility. When I came into New Life drug treatment aftercare I thought that my life of fun was done and I was never going to be happy again.

When I got sober I did not know how to genuinely be happy and have a good time. I thought that the rest of my life was going to be boring if I made the decision to make sobriety my lifestyle. The only fun that I knew before sober living house was using drugs and alcohol. I used to see people that were entertained by going to the movies, going bowling, going to amusement and water parks, but I didn’t see the point in doing those things unless I was drunk or high.

Often we can feel quite alone when recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, but the truth is that many of us have families that want to offer support. Often they just don't know what to do, or they may think we don't want their help. Once we open those lines of communication, we find that our families do want to support us – and with their support, we have a greater chance of preventing a relapse and keeping our recovery on track

This weekend the New Life House sober living home took its residents, graduates and families to an Angels baseball game at Angel Stadium in Orange County, CA. “Having fun in sobriety is a must!” Insists the New Life House.