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The road to recovery for me has been a long one. I was sixteen the first time I tried to get sober and twenty-five when I entered rehab this last time.

In order to help promote the importance of having fun in sobriety and to support the sober young people’s community in Los Angeles, every so often New Life House puts on special events. We invite our family, sober friends, and urge those who are newly sober to join us for a good time and introduce them to like-minded individuals striving for a new lifestyle free from the grip of drug and alcohol addiction.

On July 11th, 2014 all the guys in New Life House including graduates and friends joined us for a great evening followed by a spectacular fireworks show! Having fun in sobriety is a must do for young people getting sober. Brian shares his experience at the game!

When I got sober I did not know how to genuinely be happy and have a good time. I thought that the rest of my life was going to be boring if I made the decision to make sobriety my lifestyle. The only fun that I knew before sober living house was using drugs and alcohol. I used to see people that were entertained by going to the movies, going bowling, going to amusement and water parks, but I didn’t see the point in doing those things unless I was drunk or high.

New Life House South Bay recently took the guys to Idyllwild, CA for their highly anticipated annual camping trip! Including the graduates, there were over 100 people in attendance for New Life House South Bay’s camping trip! The camping trip is an experience the guys have been talking about since the previous year. The alumni and senior members of New Life House hold the camping trip in high regard as a time that really exemplifies what it means to be young, sober, and part of a loving and special tight-knit community.