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On this blog, I have read many moving accounts by parents of their path toward the “bottom” and their realization that they lacked the power to control or cure their sons’ addiction. I too have been to the “bottom.” It was a terrifying place and a humbling experience – but, though it was not something I would ever want to repeat, it was also terribly (I use that word deliberately) instructive.

Ever since I can remember, I have had fear. Fear of people not liking me, fear of letting people down, fear of sports, fear of talking to women, fear of failure. Fear held me back from a lot of experiences that people have in their adolescent years.

New Life House has had many parents who are sober themselves help work an Al-Anon program by providing an environment for their sons to come to terms with their disease. A sober parent with over 20 years of experience writes the following article about fear of the past, present and future.

Getting sober is one of, if not the, hardest decision a young person has to make. True, for some it comes easier than others but ultimately there are many fears and apprehensions that go behind making the decision to give up drugs and alcohol for good. Yet what is it about making this decision that is so difficult when it is so clearly the right one?

Recovery from substance abuse is very serious business. For many addicts and alcoholics, fear took over their lives while they were using causing them to repress simple moments of being connected to life.