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“Alcoholism and addiction is a family disease”, is a saying that I heard of years ago but didn’t understand what meant, until my family was directly affected by it. Alcoholism as I understand it, is a progressive disease that affects the drinker’s physical as well as their mental well being.

One of my early memories was of my father, a Sergeant Major of the First Marine Division, having to physically wrestle my oldest brother to the ground while he was high and out of control on drugs.

Seeing your son in a struggle with alcohol and drug addiction is a parental nightmare. A little more than a year ago it was obvious to my wife and I that our son Brett was now more than a casual user. His health and well being were being compromised. This was the start of our family’s awakening to the at-home realities of alcohol and drug addiction.

It finally happened. I'm having a cup of coffee with my son and we are "both" present. It has taken so long to get to get to this place. He's been sober for almost 2 years at this point and we are talking about the future. His future, my future, our future as a family again. He knows it is one day at a time but he has dreams about how great life can be again.